Leak detection and repair
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Water leaks are a common occurrence in New York.  Shifting ground, corrosive coastal soil and inland heat, can all create issues that cause leaks. Because of these unique environmental conditions, many times, people are unaware that they even have a leak. Here are a few things to look for:

  • Pay attention to your Water Bill.  Anything outside the normal seasonal fluctuations should be monitored. 
  • Look for areas that are constantly wet or soggy.  Underground leaks can be very slow and barely noticeable. 
  • Sometimes at night when everyone is quiet and no one is using water, you might be able to hear water running. This is a sure sign of a leak. It could be just a toilet or faucet that won’t shut off…But it could be a leak under the slab or a leak on the water service line from the meter to the house.