Drain cleaning
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Some clogs, though, are much harder to clear, and will likely require the assistance of a professional plumber from our team. An example of this is tree or bush root intrusion. This can clog the drains outside your house so badly, that you will have little choice but to switch to PVC pipes. Fortunately, we have the know-how and drain cleaning equipment to do away with the most stubborn drain clogs. If you want to maintain your drainpipes, our regular drain service can ensure that you won't have to wage war with clogs of any sort. Both drain and waste lines extend from your fixtures, and slope downward so that gravity can pull waste down to the main sewer line.
Prospect Heights Plumbing and Heating can replace your underground sewer, water pipes and gas lines without having to dig up your lawns, gardens, patios, walkways or driveways causing no damage to your property.